“I worked with Amanda for 2 1/2 years. She served as my front desk manager, receptionist, and assistant. There are many things to recommend about Amanda’s skills, but number one is an enthusiasm for learning new tasks and excelling at their execution. She is efficient, accurate, and enthusiastic. Amanda also excels on the phone by exhibiting a caring but firm demeanor. She answers patient questions, gets needed information, and acts as a gratifying buffer between the physician and patient. She was especially good at organizing the new patient forms and questionnaires and trouble-shooting patient problems with our online portal. We stopped working together when I moved my practice across the country (Amanda assisted me for the first six months on a remote basis, as I got settled into my new location.)  For the past 1.5 years I have used a remote reception service to complement my in-house front desk manager. This other service was lacking in responsiveness and accuracy of communication and I would have loved it if Amanda was available. I no longer have a need for remote reception, but if I did, Amanda would be the first person I would call.” – Dr. Travis Elliott

“Amanda is instrumental to a busy, efficient front office.  She foresees the needs of the practitioners   creating order and shape out of what would otherwise be administrative chaos.  She creates a warm environment to welcome each and every patient, but also brings out the firmness necessary when tracking down insurance matters. Her unique skill set is hard to come by.  The future practitioner who works with her will be a lucky one!” – Dr. Laura Neville

“Amanda is the reason I chose the practice I did. I was a nervous patient and called into the office she works at. Amanda’s kindness, patience, encouragement, friendliness and knowledge of her practitioners and how they’d fit with me – all over a phone call!! – were what drew me into the practice and made me make an appointment. Several years later and I’m still over the moon happy with them and the treatment I get from Amanda every step of the way whether it’s making my appointments or helping with insurance and billing questions. I’m all over the place and rarely able to handle things in person. It’s so nice to just call and get Amanda’s friendly voice over the phone or her helpful messages through the online center each time!” – Carisa G.

“I have known Amanda for approximately four years. I truly value her friendship which started with her employment at Whole Family Wellness. She is so positive and naturally cheerful, you can’t help but feel better from any encounter. I have gone in for a much needed acupuncture treatment and found myself starting to feel better just talking to her before the treatment. Watching her expertise at multi-tasking leaves me more than a little envious. Her professionalism is only surpassed be her sincere pleasant demeanor.” – Suzi L.

“I’ve had the pleasure of being on the receiving end of Amanda’s friendly attitude and professionalism for several years. As a customer/client, she always treated me with respect, and always helped me with my needs, from scheduling and insurance questions to making sure I got the medicines I needed. She is quick, accurate, and a joy to work with!” – Terri P.